Lake County Commission meets Tuesday

The Lake County Commission holds its regular meeting on Tuesday.

County commissioners are scheduled to hold a public hearing on a new license application for a retail (on-off sale) malt beverage and farm wine license for 605 Meats LLC at 9:10 Tuesday morning.  This will be followed by a meeting with Brad Preheim of the Vermillion Basin Water Development District regarding a proposed district expansion at 9:15.  County commissioners will also meet with Auditor Paula Barrick and Deputy Auditor Erin Tisdall regarding health, life and vision insurance renewal, and with Buildings and Grounds Superintendent Dave Hare regarding a blade.  Also on the agenda for the Lake County Commission Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. is Zoning Officer Mandi Anderson, who will meet with the commission regarding four conditional uses, Final Phase One Development Plans for Southlake Holdings, LLC and Smith’s Cove, LLC, as well as a Preliminary Plat and Development Plan for Lee’s Addition.  

The commission also has severe storm discussion and action items on its agenda for Tuesday.

The Lake County Commission meeting begins at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday in the commission room in the Lake County Courthouse in Madison.