KJAM Radio is doing its part to keep our staff, their families, and our listeners safe, and helping control the spread of COVID-19, the Coronavirus.  With direction from our corporation, Alpha Media, starting today, some KJAM Radio staff will be working remotely and others will be in office on a limited, contained basis.  This means that our listeners will still receive all the news, weather, sports, marketing, and important information they need, but our contact with each other and with the public will be more limited.  This also means that the doors to our studios will be locked, and we will be posting information on our website and on social media as to how to contact our staff for anything you may need during this time.  During the hours of 6am until 4pm each weekday, you will be able to contact a KJAM staff member by dialing our normal phone number of 256-4514. Alpha Media is taking these measures as a precautionary step in what is an unprecedented moment in our communities, our state, and our nation.  

Stay with KJAM Radio and amazingmadison.com for the latest information surrounding this historic Coronavirus pandemic.

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