Four MHS Grads receive Step-Up Scholarships
Pictured are: Back Row- Renae Prostrollo, MCSEF Director, Jill Corbin, DSU Scholarship Coordinator, Mayor Marshall Dennert. Front Row: Brittany Dirks, Blake Brown, and Alexys Wilt. (Not pictured: Taran Martin) Madison Central School Educational Foundation/Dakota State University

The Madison Central School Educational Foundation has presented Step-Up scholarships to four Madison High School graduates currently attending Dakota State University.  

The four students – Brittany Dirks, Blake Brown, Alexys Wilt, and Taran Martin – all graduated from Madison High School in May of 2019 and are currently freshmen at Dakota State.

Funding for Step-Up scholarships comes from the city of Madison’s utility bill round-up program, which has been in place since 2003.  Since the Step-Up for Scholars program has been in place, 145 students have received scholarships.  

  Madison residents and businesses can sign up to participate in the Step-Up Scholarship Program allowing the City Finance Office to round up their monthly municipal utility bill to the nearest whole dollar. The most a customer could pay in one year is $11.88. The average participant’s round-up totals between six and seven-dollars per year. The money is put into the Step-Up scholarship Fund and awarded in the form of scholarships to MHS students in good standing attending DSU. 

To enroll in the program, please contact the City Finance Office at 256-7504 or email [email protected].