Fall enrollment at the state’s six public universities overall is down three-percent in full-time equivalent students.  Dakota State University of Madison, however, is the only university who actually reported an increase of one-point-two-six-percent in its full-time equivalent students for this fall. DSU is also reporting enrollment increases in multiple other categories as well.  

The university has the largest freshmen class ever at 425 students, which is up five-percent from last year. The number of graduate students has increased 16-percent over last year, and the number of full-time-equivalent graduate students is up fourteen-percent.  Total students new to DSU, which includes freshmen and transfer students is 670, a two-percent increase from fall 2018. 

The number of DSU scholar-athletes is up 42-percent from last fall, to a total of 471. These increases are the result of expanding rosters in traditional sports, as well as the addition this fall of the new Trojan esports program. There are 82 students on 15 different esports teams competing in six different games; 22 of them are students new to DSU.

Another area where DSU is seeing increases is in the number of students living in university housing.  All residence halls are at one-hundred percent occupancy this fall. DSU is planning to open its newest residence hall on campus in the fall of 2021.  The Residence Village will have 128 beds designed in suite and apartment arrangements.