District 8 lawmakers take part in virtual cracker barrel

District 8 lawmakers took part in a legislative cracker barrel on Saturday.  It was a virtual event, sponsored by the Greater Madison Area Chamber of Commerce.  District 8 Senator Casey Crabtree of Madison and Representatives John Mills of Brookings and Tim Reisch of Howard addressed questions submitted to the Chamber ahead of Saturday’s event, as well as those submitted during the event. 

One of the questions posed to legislators was whether they thought reducing sales taxes was a good idea or could the extra funding be better used to help counties that are struggling with their budgets.  Senator Crabtree said he would like a task force to be formed to look at the issues facing counties.

Representative Reisch said that he’s also concerned about the counties’ financial situation.  

Representative Mills said he had sponsored a bill that would’ve taken some of the surplus and distributed it to counties, but that didn’t pass in the legislature.  He said Saturday that he also supports the idea of a task force to study the issues with counties. 

Some of the other topics discussed by the District 8 legislators during Saturday’s cracker barrel included the proposed carbon dioxide pipeline, their votes on House Bill 1080, and the potential work requirement for Medicaid recipients.  

GMACC District 8 Legislative Cracker Barrel – Facebook Live video

District 8 Rep. Tim Reisch – Photo from GMACC Facebook Live video
District 8 Senator Casey Crabtree – Photo from GMACC Facebook Live video


February 27, 2023