The Lake County Commission, sitting as the county’s Board of Adjustment, has denied a request from a local gravel pit to amend a condition of its original conditional use permit. Lee and  Donna Yager requested that the county amend the condition on a conditional use permit for their gravel pit approved in May of 2016 that required them to stay one-thousand feet from the adjoining resident’s property line.

Donna Yager and attorney Cody Miller, along with adjoining property owner Janet Weber and attorney Mitch Peterson spoke during the Board of Adjustment’s hearing on Yager’s request on Tuesday.

Yager said that the condition was put into place because of Weber’s horse business, which she said she doesn’t have a permit for.

Yager’s attorney, Cody Miller, supported Yager’s comments and said that the board’s rejection of a similar request last year is having a negative effect on the Yager’s business.

Weber’s attorney, Mitch Peterson, encouraged the board to uphold the conditions of the Yager’s permit.

The County Board of Adjustment denied Yager’s request on a 4-to-1 vote, with Commissioner Aaron Johnson voting against the denial.  Commissioner Deb Reinicke recused herself from the discussion and Commissioner Dennis Slaughter was absent from Tuesday’s meeting.  County Planning Commissioners Alan Schaefer and Dale Thompson served as the alternates on the Board of Adjustment.