A Madison resident told Madison City Commissioners Monday that he wants more open discussion and answers to why the commission wants to add a new City Administrator position.  Jason Lurz addressed commissioners during the public comment portion of their meeting Monday, after previously sending e-mails to all of them.

Commissioners voted two weeks ago to move forward with developing a City Administrator position.  Lurz said that he and other citizens are frustrated that there was no discussion of the position prior to that meeting.

Lurz also questioned where this person will have an office and what other positions may be needed to support the position.  He also asked commissioners how the new position is going to benefit the city or its employees.  Lurz said that the city already has a Human Resources Director and City Engineer’s Office to handle some of these responsibilities, and that this appears to be a duplication of efforts and salaries, including among commissioners.

Lurz said that he would like commissioners to be open with the citizens of Madison and explain to them why it is so urgent to add a City Administrator at this time.

Since Lurz spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting, commissioners are not required to give feedback during that time.