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State Wrestling Meet


106lbs- Isaac Henry LOST to Kaden Olson- (TF 15-0)

Win over Noah Popken (TF 20-4)

LOST to Tuck Bahm (10-2)

113lbs- Truman Stoller WIN over Clayton Donovan (1-0)

LOST to Cael Larson (Fall)

WIN over Evan Osborn (4-1)

LOST to Alex Metzer (Fall)

WIN over Max Donovan (Forfeit) 7th place

120lbs- Sam Olson WIN over Jagger Gribble (Fall)

LOST to Landon Erickson (Fall)

WIN over Oakley Blakeman (MD 16-1)

WIN over Hayden Schaffer (9-2)

LOST Logen Fischer (7-2)

WIN over Logan Fischer (3-2) 5th Place

132lbs-  AJ Peters LOST to Declan Malone (Fall)

LOST to Payton DeWitt (7-1)

145lbs- Colby Mennis WIN over Teygan Harstad (TF 15-0)

WIN over Grant Wirkus (5-0)

WIN over TJ Morrison (5-4) N

LOST to Eli Kadoun (SV 6-4)  2nd Place

152lbs- Nolan Johnson WIN over Jace Jones (Fall)

WIN over Jake Kratz (Fall)

WIN over Tyson Lein (Fall)

LOST to Cooper Voorhees (10-2) 2nd Place

170lbsSpencer Monroe LOST to Collin Becker (TF 21-3)

LOST to Clay Farmer (Fall)

195lbsDaniel Swenson LOST to Brodie Holtquist (10-5)

LOST to JT Panning (3-1)

220lbsAlex Williams LOST to Carter Max (Fall)

Won over Zane Wilson (Fall)

LOST to William Marshall (Fall)

285lbs Brandon Shaw LOST Nash Hutmacher (Fall)

LOST to Tucker Christie (Fall)



113lbs– Lane Miller WIN over Cody Larson (Fall) 

WIN over Dragr Monson (9-5)

WIN over Keegan Haider (5-1) 

WIN over Gage Martinmaas (FALL) 1st Place

120lbs– Kieffer Klinkhammer WIN over Lucas Kannegieter (10-3) 

LOST to Lance Soukup (MD 12-2) 

WIN over Joseph Weis (Fall) 

LOST to Isiah Grimm (5-2) 

WIN over Shilo Mowry (Fall) 7th place

126lbs– Riley Genzlinger WIN over Jacob Steiger (4-3) 

LOST to Bradyn Lohtak (MD 11-1) 

WIN over Issac McDugle (5-1) 

WIN over Blade Forman (Fall) 

LOST to Jared Harris (Fall) 6th Place

138lbs– John Callies LOST to Seth Peterson (7-6) 

WIN over Tate Schulte (Fall) 

LOST to JD Carter (Fall)

145lbs– Ty Beyer LOST to Jackson Eklund (Fall) 

LOST to Brody Weavill (TF 18-3)

182lbs– Isaac Feldhaus WON over Jonathan Wheeler (Fall) 

LOST to Jeremiah Beck (Fall) 

WIN over  Gavin Holland(15-2) 

WIN over Cade Entwisle (9-3) 

LOST to Thomas Baker (Fall) 6th Place

195lbs– EJ Leetch WON over Grady O’Neill (Fall) 

WON over Regan Bollweg (14-6)

WON over Cullen Rutten (3-1) 

LOST to Barrett Wren (2-1) 2nd Place


McCook Central/Montrose

106lbs- Jackson Remmers WIN over Joey Hoverson (MD11-2) 

LOST to Riley Whitley (8-0) 

WIN over Braden Weiss (Fall) 

WIN over Cael Larson (4-3) 

LOST to Logan Graf (4-3) 6th Place

120lbs– Carter Randall LOST to Lance Soukup (7-1) 

LOST to Lucas Kannegieter (6-4)

152lbs– Jacobi Krouse WIN over Mason Heath (Fall) 

LOST to Trevor Peters (5-0) 

WIN over Antony Benda (Fall) 

LOST to TY Nammany (4-1) 

LOST to Daniel Cremer (5-2) 7th PLace

160lbs– Blake Gessner WIN over Tyler Murray (Fall) 

Won over Kaden Laubach (9-0) 

LOST to Sam Kruger (6-4) 

WIN over Weston Ireland (10-1)

LOST to Levi Mines (Inj) 4th Place

170lbs– Jake Cheeseman WIN over Tegun Spring (7-4) 

LOST to Landon Werdal (6-2) 

WIN over Reid Wieczorek  (7-3) 

WON over Micaiah Grace (5-4) 

LOST to Tanner Even (8-6) 6th PLace

182lbs– Cade Entwisle LOST to Cody Donnelly (Fall) 

Won over Cody Donnelly (TF 18-3)  

WIN Over Corten Dobesh (7-5) 

LOST to Isaac Feldhaus (9-3) 

LOST to Jordan Gall (8-6) 8th Place

195lbs– Tanner Peterson WON over Ben Konechne (SV-1 3-1) 

LOST to Cullen Rutten (7-5) 

WIN over Rylie Stevens (Fall) 

LOST Regan Bullweg (9-1) 

Win over Carter Heinz (5-2) for 7th Place

220lbs– Cole Grasma LOST to Tristen Bent (Fall) 

Won over RJ Perry (Fall) 

LOST Marshall Baldwen (Fall)


Kingsbury County

113lbs– Dylan Zell LOST to Carter Lenz (Fall) 

WON over Riley Roberts (4-2) 

LOST to Dragr Monson (Fall)

 132lbs– Alec Dobson WIN over Kamron Pearman 

LOST to Blair Blasius (12-8) 

WIN over Riely Hellman (6-5) 

WIN over Skylar Swatek (10-1) 

LOST to Tyler Talbott (Fall) 5th Place

152lbs– Monte Albrecht LOST to Trevor Peters (5-0) 

WIN over Mason Heath (Fall) 

LOST to Frank Even (6-4) 

182lbs– Gavin Holland LOST Jordan Gall (Fall) 

WON over  Chad Kelso (6-2) 

LOST to Issac Feldhaus (15-2)

220lbs– Connor Hoffman LOST to Tyler Resick (Fall) 

LOST to Gray Gilbert (Fall)



145lbs– Caden Lamer WIN over Spencer Hanson (Fall)

WIN over Sterling Rausch (TF 17-2)

WON over Jaden Dominisse (8-5)

Lost to Jackson Eklund (Fall)1st Place

160lbs– Mason Hendrickson LOST to Weston Ireland (Fall)

LOST to Dylan Whitley (Fall)


Dell Rapids

106lbs– Andrew Weiland LOST to Logan O’Connor- (5-7)

Win over Josh Hoffman (TF 16-0)

WIN over. Conner Hanson (Fall)

LOST to Brock Sparks (6-4)

LOST to Tucker Bahm (13-2) 8th Place

113lbs- Jacob Vogel WIN over Brock Martin (TF 16-0)

WIN over Alex Mentzer (6-5)

LOST to Cael Larson (TH 20-4)

WIN over Conner Eimers (12-0)

LOST to Max Donovan (5-4) 5th Place

126lbs– Canyon Lowman LOST to Cody Stockman (4-0)

WIN over Kyler Lillie (Fall)

LOST to Beau Beavers (MD 15-0)

138lbs– Max Lamer LOST to Isaac Klinkhammer (6-1)

WIN over Jaxon Bowes (3-1)

LOST to Peyton Johnston (9-2)

160lbs– Gage Carr LOST to Alec Bien (Fall)

WIN over Justin Zirpel (9-6)

LOST to Mason Schoenhard (Fall)

182lbs– Sam Cavigielli LOST to Garrett Leesman (Fall)

LOST to Caleb Dumke (Fall)

195lbs– Mitchell Klinkenborg LOST to Gage Gehring (Fall)

LOST to Tice McVey (9-2)



113lbs– Hunter Witte LOST to Jacob Brunner (TF 15-0) 

LOST to Jayse Miller (6-4)

285lbs– Braden Peters LOST to Rob Lester (7-3) 

LOST to Jadeon Biggers (6-3)


State Gymnastics Meet 

Complete Individual Results

Top Madison finishes

Vault- Kylie Krusemark 4th, Raena Rost 10th

Bars- Olivia Flemming 10th, Kylie Krusemark 11th

Beam- Kylie Krusemark 16th, Raena Rost 20th

Floor- Isabel Gors 8th, Kylie Krusemark 16th

All-Around- Kylie Krusemark 10th, Olivia Flemming 17th


Class A Team Championship

  1. Deuel- 143.625
  2. Parkston/Ethan/Hanson- 132.950
  3. Estelline/Hendricks- 132.825
  4. Madison- 131.950
  5. Milbank- 130.60
  6. West Central/Montrose- 128.750

Meet Schedule

Class A Individual Schedule