Virtual Drafts Incoming

Sports fans can get a taste this evening of what a virtual draft will look like, as the WNBA is holding its annual draft. While it may not be on the grand scale of the NFL draft that is coming up next week, how things are handled (good or bad) could be a measuring stick of how next week will work. 

The WNBA has three rounds of drafting, with 12 picks in each round. The New York Liberties hold the number one seed and three first round picks, meanwhile, the Minnesota Lynx hold the number six pick in tonight’s draft.

Whether or not the NFL watches or takes notes on how things go tonight is to be determined. Considering how big the draft has become over the last few decades, it will be interesting to see how smooth things do go with a virtual draft. Just another unknown in what has become something we’ve become accustomed to over the last month.