Madison Girls Golf Claims Third in Madison Invitational

The Madison Girls Golf team hosted the Madison Invitational yesterday at the Madison Country Club. 12 total teams competed in the event. Madison finished 3rd overall and had all competitors finish in the top half of the 51 total athletes.

Coming in 23rd was Delaney Gerry with a 33 over par and total score of 104. Along with Macie Rinehart in 18th with 29 over par and 100 total, Maddie Rummel in a tie for 14th with 26 over par and a total of 97. Three Bulldogs made the Top 12.

Those being Julia Dossett in a tie for 12th with 24 over par and a total of 95, then Hayden Oftedal in 11th with 23 over par and total of 94. Leading the pack was Delilah Maxwell in 10th with 20 over par and a total score of 91.

Full Results: 20240509ResultsMadisonInvite.xlsx – Scores

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