Hauser – A World Without Sports

We have reached strange waters in the Sporting World, a place many couldn’t have fathomed a few months ago. It has been nearly two weeks since the announcement of Major Sports postponing or suspending their seasons, then came the collegiate levels and finally down to the local high schools. 

For many sports fans, March is one of, if not, the most exciting month out of the year. Locally, you have State Playoffs and Tournaments to take-in, some have made it a tradition to be at the State Tournament. Mother Nature likes to make it a tradition of a solid mid-March storm, but even she was somewhat missing this year. Of course, March is also known for the Madness. Even a casual fan has some idea of how to fill-out a bracket or cheer for the underdog. From the “First-Four” to One Shining Moment, we all basket in what the NCAA Tournament has to bring.

This year was supposed to be an Olympics year, that once in every four year you find yourself shouting at the TV for someone to swim faster, equestrian harder and whatever other random sport you find yourself watching during the Summer Olympiads. 

Of course all around the sporting-world, people are a bit lost. Yet something bigger is happening, something that we can get through together. After that, sports will be there for us, because it always is. Sports has this unexplained way of healing wounds and putting an arm around one’s shoulder. For now, we wait.