Cornbelt Baseball Discussions

Representatives from Cornbelt Baseball teams, commissioners and a few guests met via Zoom last night to talk about the upcoming league season. First on the ballot was the potential to add a new team, based out of Lennox. The team would be named the LCW Dirt Devils, consisting of players from Lennox, Chancellor and Worthing. Managers took a vote on letting the Dirt Devils into the Cornbelt and it was a 8-2 vote in-favor of the application and now it goes to the State Association to be placed into a district. The application will have to receive fifty percent to be fully accepted.

There was discussion on when to start the league season, making the schedule and how many times to play per week. No solid decision was made when to start but the beginning of June was heavily talked about. Some cities have their parks closed until the end of May. There may also have to be a release of liability for some of the parks.

In the end, talks were tabled and another meeting will be held next Wednesday evening. The State Association is expected to meet next Tuesday night, giving a little more clarity to the Cornbelt league and what can be done going forward.