Three incumbents win Lake County Commission Primary

The three republican incumbents on the Lake County Commission were all winners in Tuesday’s republican primary. Adam Leighton (988 votes), Dennis Slaughter (887 votes) and Deb Reinicke (794 votes), will all advance to the November General Election. 

Challenger Ryan Gebauer received 525 votes. 

Leighton, Reinicke and Slaughter will be on the general election ballot along with democrat Chales Johnson. 

Voter turnout in Lake County was 20%, with 1,568 ballots cast among the 7,623 registered voters. Statewide turnout was 17%. Some of that low turnout was likely driven by the lack of state wide “top ticket” races, and democratic primary races. In Lake County, the only democratic election was for US President. President Joseph Biden received 70% of the 217 democratic votes cast in the county, and 75% of the vote state wide.