Madison School District approves 21 million dollar budget proposal for upcoming school year

The Madison Central School Board approved the district’s 2024-25 budget proposal on Monday. Business Manager Mitch Brooks presented a budget plan with a total of $21,181,139. That budget is about $2,993,000 higher than the 2023-24 budget. 

The largest increase in the proposal was a $2,671,300 increase in the Capital Outlay fund. That increase is for some building improvements proposed. Other increases from a year ago include a $200,000 increase in the Health Plan fund.

On the revenue side, a little over $12,600,000 is expected from local sources , around $4,300,000 from the State, and $1,030,600 in federal funds. 

In terms of how that money is spent, Brooks says the majority goes towards student instruction. 

The Annual Budget Resolution approved Monday includes the following levy requests: Capital Outlay Fund $3,287,700; Bond Redemption Fund $486,000; Opt Out $100,000.