Lots Annexed for Kwik Star Construction, Trees to be Burned by Trojan Village

During Monday’s regular Madison City Commission meeting, commissioners approved a resolution to annex Lot 1 and 2 of Schultz’s Second Addition. The lots are located directly to the south of Prostrollo’s, across 10th Street SE. The location is set to be developed into a Kwik Star convenience store. 

Also Monday, Commissioners approved a resolution allowing a one time burning of trees within the Trojan Village Development. Trojan Village is located to the north of the new Blankley Field. A large number of trees were cleared to work on Trojan Village, and the developers had requested to burn the trees. The commission approved the one time burning, which will be conducted by the Madison Fire Department. 

In another resolution, the commission declared Madison a Purple Heart Community. The Purple Heart designation is given to any community who recognizes and honors the service and sacrifice of men and women in uniform who were wounded or killed in service.