JLG Architects presentation shows area of improvement for Madison Middle School building

As we told you Wednesday, the Madison Central School board heard a presentation this week from JLG Architects, the firm hired by the district to conduct an assessment of facilities of Madison Central. 

After noting that the elementary school was in good condition overall, Jacob Ricke of JLG turned attention to the oldest building in the district, the Madison Middle School, which opened in the fall of 1993. Ricke said there are a number of areas that could be improved in the Middle School, most notably the front entryway. 

Ricke said the classrooms also have areas that could be addressed, most notably the size of the rooms

Ricke noted that the building and its electric and mechanical systems have been maintained well, but there are some parts of the school that have outlived their expected life time. The lighting was noted to be dim and not energy efficient. He also said there are some structural ways to make the building more accessible. 

Monday’s presentation was the first step for the board in evaluating the district’s facilities, and identifying any needed improvements. No action was taken at Monday’s meeting. Tomorrow on KJAM we’ll look at the assessment of Madison High School. You can find yesterday’s story on the elementary school here.