Department of Health Asks for Help Controlling Mosquito Population

If you were outdoors over the 4th of July weekend, you likely noticed that the mosquito population has exploded in recent days. 

The South Dakota Department of Health is advising residents to take proactive steps to reduce mosquito populations following recent floods. The excess water from flooding creates ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes, especially the nuisance species “Aedes vexans”. While Aedes vexans does not typically carry the West Nile Virus (WNV), other active species can pose a significant risk.

“The simple step of tipping over or discarding containers holding stagnant water during clean-up efforts can help limit excess mosquitoes in the coming weeks,” said Dr. Josh Clayton, state epidemiologist.

The Department emphasizes the importance of removing stagnant water from properties to eliminate mosquito breeding sites and reduce the risk of West Nile transmission.