Commissioners Choose to Let ATV and Dirt Bike Ordinance Die

Madison will, for now, not pursue an ordinance regulating ATV and dirt bike use in the city. The City Commission approved a First Reading of the ordinance at their last meeting in June. It came about after complaints were made to police about their use at at least one residence in town. At the time, commissioners said they wanted to receive more public comment before giving the ordinance final approval. 

At Monday’s Second Reading, several people spoke in opposition to the ordinance. In particular to its setback requirements that said a person operating an ATV or dirt bike must remain at least 50 feet from any adjoining or adjacent property line, and at least 100 feet from an off-site residential dwelling.

Tory Christensen said she believed the complaints were directed at her property. She said she is willing to work with the city and neighbors, and didn’t think the ordinance was necessary.

Chad Van Den Hemel also disagreed with the setback requirements. 

Commissioner Adam Shaw said he didn’t think the City needed to weigh in at this time. 

The ordinance did not receive a motion, and thus died without a vote.