The Madison City Commission on Tuesday approved a Memorandum of Understanding with Lake County in regards to a flood risk management study.  The study is the second phase of a Section 22 flood risk management study to be done by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  

The total cost of the study is 150-thousand dollars, with the city responsible for 50-percent of the cost.  Commissioner Jeremiah Corbin met with Lake County commissioners last month asking for their help in funding the local match for the study.  County commissioners agreed to pay 25-thousand dollars toward the cost of the study and asked that the Memorandum of Understanding be drawn up by the county’s State’s Attorney.  The city has 50-thousand dollars budgeted this year for the study.

Also during the city commission’s meeting Tuesday evening, commissioners acknowledged a letter from East Dakota Water Development District stating its commitment of funding also to assist with the cost of the study.  The Water Development District has agreed to cover one-sixth of the local costs of the study, up to a maximum amount of 12-thousand-500-dollars. City Engineer Chad Comes and Commissioner Corbin met with the District to request assistance with the project.