Bump outs and a Shared use Path both stay in plans for Egan Ave.

The Madison City Commission heard an update from KLJ Engineering regarding the Egan Ave. reconstruction, during their meeting on Monday. Commissioners were asked for final guidance on a few issues that city residents had expressed concern, or support for, during public meetings. One issue was the use of bump outs. 

Bump outs are an extension of the sidewalk zone or curb line into the roadway zone at intersections or mid-block locations. Curb extensions are intended to increase safety, calm motorized traffic, and create additional space for pedestrians and the boulevard and furnishing zone.

Some city employees expressed concern about snow removal around the bump outs. Mayor Roy Lindsay said he tended to agree with them. 

City Engineer Ryan Hegg said they will make a nice impact to the project, both functionally and aesthetically. 

Commissioner Kelly Dybdahl agreed. 

The commission asked the engineer to include bump outs in the project from 4th street to 9th street. 

Commissioners also heard comments about the idea of an 8 foot wide shared use path to replace the current sidewalk on the east side of Egan. The new sidewalk will be adjacent to the curb, with parking spots between the driving lane and the curb. 

Many of the properties on the east side of the road will have retaining walls after construction, which will require at least a 6 foot sidewalk, according to City Administrator Jameson Berreth. 

Darwin Wollmann, who lives on Egan Ave. said he didn’t think a mixed use path was necessary. 

Madison Mayor Roy Lindsay pointed out that people may not be using the sidewalk now because it is not a shared use path, and instead using city streets. A shared use path could funnel bike riders onto a safer alternative. 

Commissioner Kelly Dybdahl said he does see a need to connect DSU to the Downtown. 

The commission asked the engineer to proceed with plans for an 8 foot wide path.