The Madison Wrestling team had 19 wins out of the 28 combined matches against Sioux Falls Jefferson and Milbank. Four Bulldogs earned a win against each team: Carson Wolf for 126lbs, Isaac Henry for 138lbs, Jess Englert for 145lbs, and Braxton Bjorkland for 195lbs. Madison outscored Millbank 45-30 and S.F. Jefferson 52-19. The Bulldogs will compete in the Flandreau Invitational tomorrow, starting at 10:00 a.m.

Madison (MADI) 45.0 Milbank (MILB) 30.0

106: Owen Fischer (MILB) over Cole Downs (MADI) (Fall 1:09)
113: Carter Downs (MADI) over (MILB) (For.)
120: Caleb Hodges (MADI) over (MILB) (For.)
126: Carson Wolf (MADI) over Jacob Johnson (MILB) (Fall 3:28)
132: Blake Johnson (MADI) over Kaden Krause (MILB) (Dec 8-5)
138: Isaac Henry (MADI) over Brayden Christensen (MILB) (Fall 0:52)
145: Jess Englert (MADI) over Jayden Johnson (MILB) (Fall 1:06)
152: Tate Schlueter (MILB) over Tyler Whitlock (MADI) (Fall 5:08)
160: Barrett Schneck (MILB) over Sutton Bern (MADI) (Fall 5:59)
170: Lucas Johnson (MADI) over Jesse Schneck (MILB) (Dec 6-1)
182: Riley Kearin (MADI) over Leyton Raffety (MILB) (Dec 10-4)
195: Braxton Bjorklund (MADI) over Nick Trevett (MILB) (Fall 5:17)
220: Maddox Hanson (MILB) over Alex Swedlund (MADI) (Fall 1:39)
285: Landon Novy (MILB) over (MADI) (For.)


Madison (MADI) 52.0 Sioux Falls Jefferson (SFJ) 19.0

106: Aidan Wells (SFJ) over Cole Downs (MADI) (Fall 0:53)
113: Derek Ranschau (SFJ) over Carter Downs (MADI) (Dec 7-3)
120: Caleb Hodges (MADI) over Gabriel Bastemeyer (SFJ) (TF 17-0 3:13)
126: Carson Wolf (MADI) over Shin Loreno (SFJ) (Fall 0:07)
132: Ayden Dooley (SFJ) over Blake Johnson (MADI) (MD 10-2)
138: Isaac Henry (MADI) over Nolan Jessen (SFJ) (Dec 9-5)
145: Jess Englert (MADI) over Benjamin Neilan (SFJ) (MD 13-0)
152: Tyler Whitlock (MADI) over Carter Dahl (SFJ) (MD 12-2)
160: Sutton Bern (MADI) over Assefa Tesfamichael (SFJ) (Fall 0:46)
170: Lucas Johnson (MADI) over Jayden Pankratz (SFJ) (Fall 0:28)
182: Riley Kearin (MADI) over (SFJ) (For.)
195: Braxton Bjorklund (MADI) over Ryan Treadway (SFJ) (Fall 1:58)
220: Alex Swedlund (MADI) over Landon VanRoekel (SFJ) (Fall 0:31)
285: Antuan Duran (SFJ) over Tayt Gran (MADI) (Fall 0:17)