Bulldogs Host DAK XII Quad Wrestling Meet
*Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Madison High School

The Madison Wrestling team hosted a DAK XII Quad meet on Tuesday, splitting their dual’s with Lennox and Tea Area. The Bulldogs won their dual against Lennox 65-15, while dropping the dual against Lennox 50-35.  

In their victory against Lennox, four Madison wrestlers won their matches by fall. Those four were Henry Meyer (126lb) Tyan Braskamp (152lb), Kaden Drause (160lb), and Adam Willis (182lb).

Blake Johnson (138lb) won his match by technical fall.

Wyatt Pickard (106lb) and Adam Willis (195lb) were the only two Bulldogs who wrestled in matches against Tea Area to get wins, both winning by fall.

Full results from the whole DAK XII Quad Meet can be found below. 

Madison will be back next year when they compete in another DAK XII Quad Meet at Dell Rapids on January 3rd, 2023. 




Madison 65  Lennox 15

152: Tyan Braskamp (MADI) over Cian Smith (LENN) (Fall 0:45)

160: Kaden Drause (MADI) over Cameron Keatley (LENN) (Fall 1:00)

170: Layne Hess (MADI) over (LENN) (For.)

182: Adam Willis (MADI) over Triston Butler (LENN) (Fall 0:32)

195: Bruce Galde (MADI) over (LENN) (For.)

220: Ashten Dorhout (MADI) over (LENN) (For.)

285: Hayden Herlyn (LENN) over Tayt Gran (MADI) (Fall 0:56)

106: Grant Larson (LENN) over Wyatt Pickard (MADI) (Fall 3:10)

113: Carter Downs (MADI) over (LENN) (For.)

120: Cole Downs (MADI) over (LENN) (For.)

126: Henry Meyer (MADI) over Preston Otte (LENN) (Fall 1:29)

132: Ramsey Williams (LENN) over Carson Wolf (MADI) (Dec 6-2)

138: Blake Johnson (MADI) over Jack Aashiem (LENN) (TF 16-0 5:24)

145: Tristen Dorhout (MADI) over (LENN) (For.)


Tea Area 50    Madison  30

106: Wyatt Pickard (MADI) over Slater Wilson (TEAR) (Fall 1:37)

113: Tyler Woodring (TEAR) over Carter Downs (MADI) (Fall 1:27)

120: Cole Downs (MADI) over (TEAR) (For.)

126: Hunter Wilson (TEAR) over Henry Meyer (MADI) (Fall 1:50)

132: Maddix Slykhuis (TEAR) over Carson Wolf (MADI) (TF 17-2 5:06)

138: Parker Wilson (TEAR) over Blake Johnson (MADI) (Dec 15-8)

145: Wyatt Stuntebeck (TEAR) over Tristen Dorhout (MADI) (Fall 0:46)

152: Austin Eimers (TEAR) over Logan Reck (MADI) (Fall 1:51)

160: Dawson Eimers (TEAR) over Kaden Drause (MADI) (Fall 1:31)

170: Sam Werdel (TEAR) over Layne Hess (MADI) (Fall 3:37)

182: Gavin Van Emmerik (TEAR) over Bruce Galde (MADI) (Fall 1:24)

195: Adam Willis (MADI) over Keegan DeYoung (TEAR) (Fall 2:55)

220: Ashten Dorhout (MADI) over (TEAR) (For.)

285: Tayt Gran (MADI) over (TEAR) (For.)


Tea Area  49   Dell Rapids  24

106: Slater Wilson (TEAR) over Cale Roach (DERA) (Dec 10-4)

113: Tyler Woodring (TEAR) over (DERA) (For.)

120: Breck Evans (DERA) over (TEAR) (For.)

126: Hunter Wilson (TEAR) over (DERA) (For.)

132: Maddix Slykhuis (TEAR) over John Mortrude (DERA) (MD 16-4)

138: Parker Wilson (TEAR) over Carson Roach (DERA) (Dec 14-12)

145: Wyatt Stuntebeck (TEAR) over (DERA) (For.)

152: Austin Eimers (TEAR) over Gabe Clark (DERA) (Dec 5-0)

160: Dawson Eimers (TEAR) over (DERA) (For.)

170: Sam Werdel (TEAR) over (DERA) (For.)

182: Gavin Van Emmerik (TEAR) over Ryler Evans (DERA) (Fall 1:32)

195: Quinn Carr (DERA) over (TEAR) (For.)

220: Aiden Geraets (DERA) over Keegan DeYoung (TEAR) (Fall 4:54)

285: Charlie Becker (DERA) over (TEAR) (For.)


Dell Rapids 45  Lennox  35

160: Cameron Keatley (LENN) over (DERA) (For.)

170: Isaac Vietor (LENN) over (DERA) (For.)

182: Ryler Evans (DERA) over Triston Butler (LENN) (Fall 2:35)

195: Quinn Carr (DERA) over (LENN) (For.)

220: Aiden Geraets (DERA) over (LENN) (For.)

285: Hayden Herlyn (LENN) over (DERA) (For.)

106: Grant Larson (LENN) over Cale Roach (DERA) (TF 17-0 3:26)

113: Camden Tebay (DERA) over Cade Aasheim (LENN) (Dec 7-0)

120: Breck Evans (DERA) over (LENN) (For.)

126: Preston Otte (LENN) over (DERA) (For.)

132: John Mortrude (DERA) over Ramsey Williams (LENN) (Fall 0:46)

138: Carson Roach (DERA) over Jack Aashiem (LENN) (Fall 0:56)

145: Heston Dubbelde (LENN) over (DERA) (For.)

152: Gabe Clark (DERA) over Cian Smith (LENN) (Fall 1:19)