Lynsee Planting

Hi, I am Lynsee Planting. Resource Unit Conservationist with the United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service in Madison. I have worked in public service my entire career and currently hold a supervisory role overseeing employees across six counties and work with a variety of elected board of directors.  In helping farmers and ranchers implement voluntary conservation on their operations, I have worked closely with several different aspects of the Farm Bill and interpreting policy.  In addition to my day-to-day responsibilities, I have also had the opportunity to serve on a national civil rights committee, participate in a leadership development program, and currently serve as a classroom facilitator and instructor for new employees and interns.  

My husband Matt and I have three children currently attending the Madison Central school district and have been active members of the community since 2006.  When asked about my inspiration for wanting to serve on the school board, the reason comes down to this: I care about kids, and I care about teachers.  I thrive on helping others and am always looking for ways to better my community.  I would be honored to serve an active role in supporting both kids and educators by being elected to the school board.