Two incumbents will return to the state Legislature in January representing District 8.  Republicans Marli Wiese and Randy Gross received the most votes in Tuesday’s election and will go on to serve two-year terms in the State House of Representatives. 

Wiese, who will be starting her third term in the state House, said that she felt the Republican party did well throughout the state Tuesday.  She said that there will be a lot of big things facing lawmakers in this upcoming legislative session.

Wiese has served on the Education and Health and Human Services Committee in the state House.  She said that an ongoing issue facing the state is infrastructure.

Randy Gross will start his second term serving in the state House of Representatives.  In his first term, he served on the House Appropriations and Joint Committee on Appropriations.  He said that there are a lot of unknowns going into this next legislative session.

Gross said the recently passed ballot measures will also bring some issues for the legislature.

Both Wiese and Gross thanked the voters of District 8 in Lake, Miner, Moody, and Sanborn counties for their support in the election and said they look forward to hearing from their constituents going forward.