A Wentworth woman has died from injuries sustained in Thursday’s storm.  She was in a vehicle south of Colton.  Minnehaha County Sheriff Mike Milstead had more information during a news conference with Governor Kristi Noem in Sioux Falls this (Friday) morning.

Milstead said that emergency crews worked together at the scene of Thursday’s tragic accident.

Again, 61-year-old Wendy Lape of Wentworth died this (Friday) morning from injuries sustained after the vehicle she was riding in was struck by a chunk of wood during Thursday’s storm.

There was another fatality in Thursday’s storm and that was a woman from Sioux Falls.  

Governor Kristi Noem said that officials are still assessing how many people were injured also in Thursday’s storm.

Todd Heitkamp with the National Weather Service said they are working on determining what exactly happened in the different parts of the state that were impacted by Thursday’s storm.

The National Weather Service reported a 97-mile-per-hour wind gust at the Madison Airport last night.  

Clean-up is underway today in Madison, Lake County, and many areas of eastern South Dakota after powerful storms and winds tore through many communities.

Here is the latest update from Madison Mayor Roy Lindsay.

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