Close to nine-hundred new positive COVID-19 cases were reported in the state over the weekend, along with eleven additional virus-related deaths.  As of Sunday, there have been 248 total COVID-19 related deaths.  The total number of positive cases in the state is now 24-thousand-418.  Of those, a record high amount of them – 4268 – were active as of Sunday and 232 people are currently hospitalized. 

Lake County reported an increase of six positive COVID-19 cases over the weekend and nine recovered cases.  This puts the number of active cases in Lake County currently at 26.

Elsewhere in our area, Brookings County reported 102 active coronavirus cases as of Sunday, and McCook County reported 41.  Moody County had 31 active cases, Kingsbury County had sixteen, and Miner County had nine active COVID-19 cases. 

All of the numbers and information regarding COVID-19 cases in the state can be found online at