Voters in area counties to cast ballots in local primary elections

Voters in area counties will have a few local races to vote on in next Tuesday’s primary election, along with the statewide vote on Amendment C and Republican statewide races for Governor, U.S. Senate, and U.S. House.

In Kingsbury County, registered Republican voters will vote on State Senate and House candidates for District 8.  District 8 includes Kingsbury, Lake, and most of Miner and Brookings counties. 

The District 8 races include two candidates for State Senator – Heather DeVries and Casey Crabtree, and three candidates for State House – Tim Reisch, Lecia Summerer, and John Mills.  Along with those, there is also a Republican primary election for Sheriff in Kingsbury County.  The two candidates on the ballot for the Sheriff’s primary are Steven Strande and Wade Hoefert.

In Miner County, registered Republican voters will vote in either the District 8 or District 20 primary elections.  The District 20 Republican primary for State Representative includes candidates Ben Krohmer, Jeff Bathke, and Lance Koth.

Republican voters in Moody County will cast ballots for District 25 State Senator.  Candidates on the ballot for that primary election are Tom Pischke, Lisa Rave, Kevin Crisp, and Leslie “Doc” Heinemann.  The top vote-getter in this race will move on to the general election in November.   

More information on all of the area county primary elections, along with links to sample ballots for Tuesday’s primary election, can be found on our website at, just click on the primary election information banner




June 1, 2022