State Senate committee passes $200M housing infrastructure bill
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The State Senate Commerce and Energy Committee passed a bill Thursday that will allow for 200-million dollars to be used for housing infrastructure loans and grants.  

The bill – Senate Bill-41 – was introduced by Senator Casey Crabtree of Madison.

Crabtree told the committee that in order for businesses to find more workers, there needs to be more housing available.  He said that this has been discussed over the past two legislative sessions and was the topic of a summer study as well.  Crabtree said this is an important piece of legislation that should clarify the provisions of the bill and address previous concerns.

A number of business and housing lobbyists and state officials also testified in favor of Senate Bill 41 Thursday, including Nathan Sanderson with the South Dakota Retailers Association.

The bill will need to pass in both the Senate and the House before going to the Governor for approval.  There is an emergency clause included in the bill which could allow the money to be available yet this spring.  Bill supporters hope the South Dakota Housing Development Authority can start issuing loans and grants this spring before the housing construction season. 


January 13, 2023