State lawmakers prepare for crunch time on bills

This week is crunch time for state lawmakers in Pierre.  This Thursday is crossover day, or the deadline for bills to clear committee assignment and cross over to the opposite house.

The bulk of the heavy lifting to be done is in the state House, where leadership report more than 100 bills still pending in committees.

The House State Affairs Committee met into the evening Friday, well past the conclusion of the regular House session. 

And Monday looks to be no different.  House Majority Leader Lee Qualm of Platte says he expects committees and the full chamber to burn into the night as the week moves towards cross over day.

The state Senate is in a different place with 100 fewer bills introduced than in the House.  

Senate leadership in both parties say they don’t anticipate significantly longer sessions this week.  They expect those days to come after House bills arrive in their chamber.

(Thanks, SDBA)