Governor Kristi Noem says the state’s meth crisis is, “growing at an alarming rate.”  To combat the issue, the governor on Monday announced the launch of South Dakota’s “largest, most aggressive anti-meth campaign.”

The “Meth. We’re On It” campaign aims to bring awareness to those affected by addiction, while connecting community members who want to combat the issue locally.  Essentially, the message is, “everyone needs to be on top of the problem.” 

Governor Noem says the numbers point out just how big this problem is.

The governor says the meth crisis is, “filling jails and prisons, clogging court systems and destroying people and their families.”  Noem says, “this is our problem, and together, we need to get on it”.

To combat the issue from a law enforcement standpoint, the state has implemented meth task forces in Sioux Falls and Pennington County. These two areas accounted for the majority of the state’s more than 22-hundred arrests in the first eight months of 2019.