State House to debate housing infrastructure bill Monday

The state House of Representatives debated Senate Bill-41, the housing infrastructure bill, on Friday and deferred the measure to today (Monday).  

The House debated the Senate-passed measure for over a half hour Friday afternoon before deciding to defer the measure again.  It is now on the House calendar for today.

Supporters said the 150-million dollars in state funds and 50-million dollars in federal American Rescue Plan Act funds is already delayed a year from being implemented in loans and grants to communities for more housing.  Representative Roger Chase of Huron spoke in favor of the bill Friday.

Opponents, including District 8 Representative John Mills of Brookings,  said all South Dakota taxpayers should benefit from the funds.  

Opponents also said the measure would create ongoing expenses through a state-owned private bank, new employees, and other ongoing costs.

Supporters said the bill will provide all communities that need housing money an opportunity to obtain loans and grants, thus helping workforce development and economic development.  

An attempt to amend the bill to distribute the money to counties failed on Friday.


January 23, 2023


(Thanks to Todd Epp, South Dakota Broadcasters Association)