Sioux Falls City Attorney to join DSU’s Cyber-Research initiative

A Sioux Falls City Attorney has accepted a new position with the Dakota State University-Applied Research Corporation.  Stacy Kooistra will be the Chief Operations Officer and General Counsel for the DSU-Applied Research Corporation.  

DSU-ARC was recently established as a non-profit corporation, separate from the University. Its mission is to develop, operate, and expand the DSU Applied Research Lab. The Lab is currently located on the Dakota State campus in Madison, and will expand to Sioux Falls in a building that is currently in the design stage.  The Corporation will be responsible for operating the Lab, with DSU transferring lab personnel to the Corporation later this year.

When it opens in 2025, the 100-thousand-square-foot Sioux Falls facility will be able to house approximately 400 researchers in its location near the Sanford Sports Complex. Together, the facilities in Madison and Sioux Falls will create a cyber-research hub that will support important national security research with government, military, business, and industry partners. 

Kooistra’s background includes experience with the City of Sioux Falls and the region, training and education in law and cyber law, a military background as Staff Judge Advocate for Headquarters, South Dakota Air National Guard and Joint Staff, South Dakota National Guard, and leadership in creating the public-private partnership that established The South Dakota Military Heritage Alliance in Sioux Falls. 

Kooistra will begin his duties this spring, and will be based in Sioux Falls.


February 16, 2023