SDSU receiving large USDA grant
Lt. Gov. Larry Rhoden (Photo from Brookings Radio)

South Dakota State University is receiving the largest grant in it’s history – up to 80-million dollars as part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s “Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities.”  The SDSU grant will focus on the sustainable production of beef and bison.

Kristi Cammack is director of the West River Agricultural Center and took the lead on the grant application. She said the plan is to work with producers on climate smart practices.

Cammack said developing markets for the products is one of the key pillars of the research.

Jared Knock is with Millborn Seeds, one of the industry partners on the project.

Lieutenant Governor Larry Rhoden said we are very fortunate to have this research taking place at SDSU.

The announcement made Friday is part of 70 selected projects being awarded a total of two-point-eight-billion dollars by the USDA.


(Thanks, Brookings Radio)

September 19, 2022