School Board approves 2020-2021 proposed budget

The Madison Central School Board approved its proposed budget for the next year during its meeting earlier this week.  The school district’s total proposed budget for the 2020-2021 year is close to fifteen-and-a-half million dollars, which is just below the district’s current adopted budget.   

The largest fund within the school district’s budget is the general fund, which for this next year totals just more than eight-point-six-million dollars.  This is an increase of close to 200-thousand dollars over the current year’s budget.  

The district’s capital outlay budget is the next highest at close to two-point-six-million dollars, and the special education fund for 2020-2021 is just more than one-point-nine-million dollars, which is around 150-thousand dollars less than the current year’s budget.  The district’s health plan fund is down slightly from last year’s budget at just more than one-point-two million dollars.  

As part of adopting their budget resolution, school board members on Monday also approved the annual budget levy requests for the school district.  Business Manager Mitchell Brooks said that there are levy requests set for general fund agricultural property, owner occupied property, and other non-agricultural (or commercial) property, along with the special education fund.  These levy requests are based on dollars per thousand dollars of taxable valuation.  Meanwhile, the levy request for the capital outlay fund is at just more than two-point-six-million dollars, the bond redemption fund is at 446-thousand dollars, and the district’s opt-out is one-hundred thousand dollars.