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Regents approve tuition & fee rates for 2021-22

The South Dakota Board of Regents has approved tuition and mandatory fees for the upcoming academic year. The impact to students in the public university system is an average cost increase of just less than 105-dollars per year, or just more than one-percent.  

There are a number of fixed costs that impact tuition and fee rates, including a two-point-four percent salary policy in the coming year for all employees. The state covers less than half of this salary and benefit package for employees in the public university system, so tuition, fees, and student charges are raised internally to cover the remainder of that obligation.  Regents Executive Director and CEO Brian Maher said that when the Legislature approves a base fund increase for employee salaries, tuition at the regental system must also increase to compensate for a portion of Board of Regents’ employees not funded with state dollars.

On average, an in-state undergraduate student taking 30 credit hours next year will pay just less than 94-hundred dollars for tuition and mandatory fees. These new rates are effective for the 2021-22 academic year that begins this summer.


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