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Prairie Village experiencing underground electrical service issues in camping area

As Prairie Village returns to hosting its annual events and welcomes campers on a regular basis this summer, it is also running into some electrical issues.  Manager Faron Wahl told Lake County Commissioners about the underground electrical service issues, specifically in the camping area, during his appointment to present Prairie Village’s annual budget request on Tuesday. 

Wahl said that they discovered the problems with the underground power over the course of the past year or so.  He said that there are currently three separate underground single phase outages that need to be addressed. 

Wahl said that even though it’s likely to cost more now, fixing the power issues is important to Prairie Village’s camping area, especially with the upcoming Steam Threshing Jamboree in August. 

Wahl requested seven-thousand dollars from the county for Prairie Village for 2022.  He said that any money the county is able to allocate to them will be applied directly to help offset the cost of the extensive electric repairs.  


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