Portions of Interstate 90 and 29 remain closed, no travel advised on most state highways
Photo courtesy of SDDOT

Road closures on Interstate 90 and Interstate 29 remain in place today (Friday).  

Interstate 90 is closed from Mitchell to the Wyoming border, and Interstate 29 is closed from Watertown to the North Dakota border.  The closures will remain in place until the wind and snow subsides to a point that drifted snow can be cleared.

No Travel Advisories continue to impact nearly all state highways across South Dakota, with several highways in the central and northeastern portions of the state physically impassable, especially from blockages of large snow drifts and bridges completely plugged.

Anyone who fails to observe any sign, marker, warning, notice or direction, or barrier placed or given is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor. Any unauthorized presence on a closed highway is evidence of a violation.

State Department of Public Safety officials say that failure to comply with an Interstate closure may result in a fine, a civil penalty of up to one-thousand dollars, and the actual cost of any such rescue, not to exceed ten-thousand dollars. 


December 16, 2022