ORR speaks on upcoming Bond Election and plans for the future

After the Bond election for the proposed new school building for the Oldham-Ramona-Rutland School District in the amount of 18.8 million failed the ORR Board is now discussing where they can go with the newly proposed second bond election.  


Last time the Bond was shut down by a 305 to 277 vote. Tom Oster from CO-OP Architects discussed the Bond vote that failed and the next steps the school district could take. After discussion, the building committee has come up with cuts to the bond amount lowering it from $18,800,000 down to $15,950,000. The playground equipment will come from existing playgrounds, the practice field and football field will be similar to the fields the schools currently have without the grandstands, the track will be dug out but not finished with asphalt at this time, and the bus shed will be done by the school district on their own. The move in date would be around Christmas of 2025.


Property taxes on this new proposed $15 million dollars bond would increase by an estimated .98 cents on every $100 thousand dollars worth of property. The Bond election will be on December 12th, 2023 with the polling places of the Oldham Gymnasium, Rutland Gymnasium, and Ramona Gymnasium.


The Next School Board meeting for ORR School District will be held on Monday November 13th at 5:00 pm in the Rutland Media Center