ORR speaks on New Bond Election and Plans for moving forward

In September the voters of the Oldham/Ramona/Rutland school district rejected a 18.8 million dollar bond issue to build a new school for the recently combined district.  Since then, the district has gone back to the drawing board and lowered the bond to 15.95 million and set a new date for the bond election. ORR School District Superintendent Dawn Hoeke explains some of the cuts that were made to the proposed bond .



Hoeke says a new school building would be more efficient among other things. 



Hoeke says that both buildings are over 100 years old. The district put out a survey after the first bond issue failed and Hoeke says they took that feedback into account when making the cuts to the initial bond.



The ORR School District Bond election will be on December 12th, 2023 with the polling places of the Oldham Gymnasium, Rutland Gymnasium, and Ramona Gymnasium.