Oldham-Ramona students have special guests during online learning

Some students in the Oldham-Ramona School District are getting a chance to hear from some famous people as part of their online learning this spring.   

Teacher Robert Bergstrom recently had students in his Foundations of Technology and 7th Grade Computers classes take part in a Zoom meeting session where they heard from Microsoft’s Bill Gates.  The Zoom session was sponsored by Code.org’s Code Break and more than three-thousand students from around the world attended the session.  

The Zoom session covered a variety of topics in a question and answer session with Gates, including questions regarding the coronavirus and its effect on schools.

Bergstrom said that during the session, Code.org also provided insights using their website to develop apps and simulations dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak.

This week, Bergstrom said he’s planning to bring in a couple of more special guests for a Zoom session, including former University of Minnesota Women’s Basketball Coach Pam Borton and former Survivor participant Holly Hoffman, who is from South Dakota.  

Link to the Bill Gates Zoom meeting