Oldham man sentenced to serve penitentiary time on felony DUI charge

An Oldham man will serve time in the state penitentiary after being sentenced for Driving Under the Influence.  71-year-old Randy Bickett was sentenced on a felony 6th offense DUI in Lake County Circuit Court on Tuesday.  Circuit Judge Pat Pardy told Bickett that he has had fourteen arrests and twelve convictions, and this time he was driving on the wrong side of the road with a blood alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit.  

Judge Pardy sentenced Bickett to serve six years in the state penitentiary, along with more than 920-dollars in fine, costs, fees, and restitution.  The judge suspended two years of Bickett’s penitentiary sentence, based on several conditions.  Some of those conditions include that he pay his fine, court costs and restitution, as well as reimburse the county for his court-appointed attorney’s fees.  




May 11, 2022