The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is creating a new internal position for it’s office.  Lake County Sheriff Tim Walburg asked Lake County Commissioners Tuesday for permission to create a Patrol Sergeant position within his office as a supervisory job that will help with some of the workload for him and Chief Deputy Sarina Talich.  

Walburg said that the job will be posted internally within the Sheriff’s Office.

Commissioners recommended that Walburg proceed with adding the Patrol Sergeant position within the Sheriff’s Office.

Other personnel action commissioners approved during their meeting Tuesday included the termination of a Deputy Sheriff, effective March 27th.  

Commissioners also approved a status change for 911 Communications Dispatcher Nancy Vickmark.  Vickmark’s status change is from a Dispatcher-Certified Level One to Certified Level Two at a rate of $16.45 an hour, effective March 23rd.

Auditor Bobbi Janke also asked commissioners for approval to hire Linda Walker as a temporary, part-time Deputy Auditor.  Janke said she needs the help within the Auditor’s Office and Walker previously worked in the position. Commissioners approved Walker to work part-time as needed with no benefits at a rate of $14.75 an hour.