National Consumer Protection Week

This week is National Consumer Protection Week. It’s a time for consumers to get familiar with the various ways you can minimize the effects of scammers. The Better Business Bureau offers a few best practices you can follow not just this week, but the whole year to better protect yourself:

Make sure the website or email is legitimate, scammers are good at making their websites and emails look honest when they’re not. Don’t trust caller ID, scammers can easily “spoof” phone numbers that look official but aren’t. Don’t trust links or attachments that come in unsolicited emails or text messages-clicking on those links can deploy malware on your device and comprise your data. Don’t trust strangers who ask for money, especially if they ask for wire transfer, prepaid debit card, or gift card, these requests are always a scam. And always use a strong password and 2-step verification on all of your online accounts. 

For more information on these tips, or if you have any questions or concerns about your Consumer Protection Rights, visit