MRH upcoming Flu Shot Dates

With flu season upon us once again the Madison Regional Health is giving flu shots.  Kathy Hansen, Director of Quality, Safety & Emergency Preparedness spoke more on the topic of the influenza virus and what you can do to keep yourself safe, She said 


“ It’s really not any different than any other respiratory illness. The important things are, Hand Hygiene is the number 1 thing, Stay home if you get sick, and cleaning of high top areas.”


MRH also says that eating healthy foods and getting plenty of sleep can help keep you healthy. She also spoke on the importance of getting your flu shot 


“ The biggest thing is to protect yourself from getting the flu and spreading the flu to people who are immune compromised, whether its elderly parents or grandparents or a new baby thats unable to be immunized”


Madison Regional Health system will be giving out flu shots on Monday October 9th, and Tuesday,October, 24th. You will need an appointment for your flu shot, to set up your appointment call Madison Regional Health 605-256-6551.