Motor vehicle title and registration renewals extended

The South Dakota Department of Revenue’s Motor Vehicle Division is asking law enforcement to not enforce certain expirations until May 1st of 2020.  

The Motor Vehicle Division requests that law enforcement not ticket March 2020 registration renewals for noncommercial and commercial vehicles expiring on March 31st.  These individuals will be given an additional month to renew their registrations. 

In addition to the March 2020 registration renewals, the Motor Vehicle Division requests temporary seller’s permits that expire March 16th through April 30th, be granted an additional 30 days from the expiration date to get the title transfer documents and payment to the county treasurer and register the vehicle before any law enforcement action is taken. The Motor Vehicle Division will waive any interest and penalties that accrue due to this extension.

The state Motor Vehicle Division Director Rosa Yaeger said that they understand not everyone has access to their online renewal system or a DMV Now Kiosk to renew registrations.  Also, Yaeger said, they have taken into consideration that county treasurers are operating in a limited manner as well.