A Dakota State University instructor has been selected to be a part of the 2019 cohort of the South Dakota Change Network.  DSU adjunct instructor Casualene Meyer, who works in the university’s English department, will have a project that focuses on advancing community literacy, specifically helping young people read better. 

Meyer is one of 17 changemakers selected to the South Dakota Change Network’s 2019 cohort.  She said she hopes to expand in-school intervention time for students by working with Madison Elementary Principal Janel Guse.  Guse is Meyer’s project champion and will help Meyer shape her project. Meyer said the goal is to find a way to help literacy that works for the principal, teachers, volunteers, and students.  

The South Dakota Change Network, which began in 2017, was created by and is funded through the Bush Foundation. The Change Network’s goal is to connect individuals looking to make their communities better for everyone.