MCSEF Awards Scholarships

The Madison Central School Educational Foundation Board of Directors and scholarship donors awarded the Foundation’s scholarships to MHS graduating seniors last week. Executive Director Renae Prostrollo said the foundation scholarships totaled over $40,000 this year, and were presented to over 25 different students. 

A full list of scholarship recipients can be found bellow:

The LaMonte & Marian Wiese Scholarship was presented to Ella Peterreins & Julia Dossett by Marian Wiese, Rhonda Gramstad & Marli Wiese. Both girls will be attending SDSU this fall.

The DSU Blue & Blue Scholarship was presented to Thomas Mechels by Scott & Sara Schlisner.

Sharon O’Connell presented The Cancer Club Scholarship awarded to Max Bruns, Georgiana Kolbeck, Charles Callahan, & Thomas Mechels, who will all be attending DSU.

Marjorie Haskins Memorial Scholarship was presented to Eli Oaks & Jillian Hubbell by board member Lee Threadgold.

MHS grad, Mike Stunes, presented the The MHS STEM Scholarship to Anna Blessinger, attending Georgia Institute of Technology and Taylor Buthe, who is heading to Montana State.

The Glen Wilbur Memorial Scholarship was presented to Karley Lurz & Eden duRandt by Foundation Board member Kristin Morse. 

Two Ben Bundy Memorial Scholarships were presented by Joe & Megan Bundy to Ella Peterreins & Spencer Reverts, in recognition of their school and community involvement and their concern for the well-being of other people.

Bob Cordts presented The Jim Cordts Memorial Scholarship to Charles Callahan, Aaron Hawkes, Eden duRandt, Anna Blessinger, Ellie Keller & Jessica Tappe in recognition of their participation in cross country, and demonstrating good character, leadership, community service and generosity-all traits that Jim Cordts embodied.

Lisa Palli & Susan Johnson presented the Class of 1985 Memorial Scholarship to Spencer Reverts, attending USF & SDSU bound, Cadence Zens.

Ginny Freitag presented The Julian Freitag Memorial Scholarship to Charles Callahan, recognizing his participation in school and community activities, and exemplifying the spirit in which their son, Julian, lived-loving life, family, and friends; appreciating his hometown, and bringing a smile and a helping hand to those who needed it.

 Barb Hegg presented The Dennis Hegg Memorial Scholarship to Ellie Jankord for her commitment to band at MHS.

Jeff Nelson presented the Trudi Nelson Forensics Scholarship to Karley Lurz, who will be attending USD this fall.

Tim & Monica Campbell presented the Timothy & Monica Campbell Scholarship to Jillian Hubbell, who will be attending SDSU in the fall.

Crystal Howard and daughter Jill presented the Richard “Burp” Howard Memorial Scholarship to Karley Lurz & Charles Callahan.

A joint scholarship between the Madison Education Association and the MCSEF requires evidence of leadership experience and community service. Cassandra Ford and board member Jordan Schue presented the MEA/MCSEF Scholarship to Maggie Engebretson & Anna Blessinger.

Foundation Board member, Lori Norby, presented the Jim Thompson Memorial Scholarship to Kate Klein & Makenzie Chesler. 

Pat Phillips & Jennifer Gross presented The Rotary/Don E. Gross Memorial Scholarship to Oliver Husher, in recognition of his work ethic and academic achievement. 

Foundation board member, Marli Wiese presented The George & Marcene Scully Scholarship on behalf of the Scully family to Elijah Sims, in recognition of his academic achievement and involvement in student leadership.

Charlie Johnson presented the Mary Johnson Memorial Scholarship to Taylor Buthe.

The Robert Miller, Jr Memorial Scholarship was presented by Diana Maas and awarded Jessie Tappe, attending SDSU & Maggie Engebretson, attending Augustana University.

Principal Adam Shaw presented the Career & Technical Education Scholarship to Kate Klein. She will be attending Mitchell Tech.

Finally, board member Julia Miller presented the Foundation’s Sprint Broadband Scholarships to Molly Murray, who will attend SDSU this fall.