McGowan wins State’s Attorney Republican Primary

Former Minnehaha States Attorney Aaron Francis McGowan won Tuesday’s Republican primary for Lake County State’s Attorney, defeating incumbent Wendy Kloeppner. McGowan received 822 votes (or 67%), while Kloeppner received 407 votes (33%).

McGowan was the Minnehaha States Attorney from 2009 to 2019, before resigning after an investigation by the Attorney General’s office showed that McGowan had been absent from the Minnehaha State’s Attorney Office for nearly three months. The Attorney General report stated McGowan claimed he was on medical leave, but said the investigation was unable to verify where McGowan was during the time he was absent from the office. 

Current Lake County State’s Attorney Wendy Kloeppner has been in the position since being appointed in 2018. She was elected later that year, and again in 2020.

Results from Tuesday’s election are unofficial, until canvassed at Thursday’s Lake County Commission Meeting.