Several residents expressed their concerns about the condition of the creeks in Madison to Madison City Commissioners during their meeting on Monday.  The residents spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting.  

Brad Olinger said that silt has been building up in the creeks and something needs to be done about it.   

Olinger said that residents want something to be done to prevent future flooding.

City Streets, Parks, Solid Waste and Recycling Director Gary Gonyo said that work in the creeks isn’t an easy process.  

Gonyo said that they have started work in the creek in the southeast corner of the city and will make their way back north.

Gonyo said he’s also leery about using heavy equipment around the creek walls.  

City Engineer Chad Comes said that the city will review previous studies and update them in order to have a better idea of what some of the best flood mitigation solutions are. 

Resident Jim Casanova commented also during the public comments portion of Monday’s meeting about having the city look into renting a mower with a longer arm to reach down into the creeks to help clean them out.

Pat Mullen encouraged commissioners to come up with a long term plan. 

Mullen suggested that the city look at a gradual and continuous process to address the creeks and flooding issues in the city.