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Madison Regional Health System pauses COVID-19 testing of asymptomatic people

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Madison Regional Health System is experiencing an influx of patients requesting COVID-19 testing, similar to what is happening nationwide.  As a result of that, they are seeing their testing supplies depleting at a faster rate.  Because of this, Madison Regional Health has made the decision to pause COVID-19 testing for individuals who are asymptomatic, including those who are considered close contacts but do not have symptoms. Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms can call and schedule a test.  

There are a couple of different options for people to get free, at-home tests.  

To request a free, at home test from the South Dakota Department of Health, please visit:
Beginning Wednesday, January 19th, individuals may also order tests from here:

The state Department of Health reported that Lake County had 250 active COVID-19 cases as of Tuesday.  Statewide, active cases increased by close to two-thousand, and there were 348 people hospitalized.  The state reported one additional COVID-19 death Tuesday, this time in a child under the age of ten. This is the second death reported in this age group in the past week.  

Locally, the Madison Central School District reported a total of fourteen new positive COVID-19 cases in the school buildings on Tuesday.  The district reported three students or staff members at Madison Elementary School had tested positive, along with ten at Madison Middle School and one at Madison High School.  All three school buildings in the district remain at a Level Two status, with the increased number in active cases.  Families with children in the Madison Central School District can also get free at-home COVID-19 test kits through their child’s school by calling the school and requesting them.  

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